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How To Get a Vet Prescription Online

Posted by Dr. Roth on August 04, 2022

Wellness Care
How To Get a Vet Prescription Online in 4 Easy Steps Header Photo

If a pet gets sick or has a chronic illness, they might need medications such as antibiotics, anti-seizure meds, or even blood thinners. Getting a vet prescription is essential for the pet’s health, but a trip to the vet can sometimes be costly. Vet visits can also take more time to schedule because the clinics are often busy with pet patients all day.

Knowing how to get a vet prescription online can help save time and money and give pets quicker access to the meds they need.

Do Online Vets Prescribe Pet Medications?

Some online vets prescribe medications for pets, but those that write pet Rx’s might only be able to prescribe to some of their patients. Why is that? The ability to write pet prescriptions comes down to the type of medication it is and whether pet parents live in a state that allows Rx services in veterinary telehealth.

Some medications may require an in-person exam at a vet office and can’t legally be prescribed online. Others could be filled online if a local veterinarian sent the Rx to an online prescription service, such as online pharmacies or an online veterinarian service. And in many cases, a pet parent could request a vet Rx through telemedicine if it’s a refill rather than an initial prescription.

However, there’s a growing ability for online vets to write new prescriptions and to do so in multiple states across the nation. This increased access to online veterinary medicine can help alleviate the worry about the pet’s health concerns.

How To Receive Online Prescription Medicines for Your Pet

Most pet parents know that pets often have anxiety about veterinary clinics and feel more comfortable in familiar spaces. Yet while emergencies should always have in-person visits, what about minor issues or Rx needs?

Getting started with online prescription medicines through vet telehealth might take a few steps to establish a relationship. It also requires some understanding of local and state laws.

1. Verify You Can Receive Veterinary Telemedicine in Your State

Although more and more veterinary clinics and online-only vets provide telemedicine for pets, they must adhere to state rules and regulations. Each state has the authority to create its own veterinary regulations and definitions of what it allows for telehealth services. Online vet consultation and prescription services also require proper licensing, sometimes in both the client’s and vet’s states.

For more specifics, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is a good source for veterinary state board information. The AVMA also offers guidelines on finding information for:

  • State veterinary practice acts

  • Pharmacy laws

  • Federal and state veterinarian-client-patient relationship rules

  • State veterinary telehealth laws

Each state follows different rules and can remove or change its regulations as required. In addition, the Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA) offers information about veterinary telemedicine rules in each state.

2. Establish a Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR)

Establishing a relationship between the patient and veterinarian is essential for in-depth evaluations and consultations. While people can tell their doctors what’s wrong, pets can’t do the same with their vets and need a professional understanding of their specific issues. That’s why the veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) is the next step toward getting an online vet prescription. While pet parents can get an online non-VCPR vet visit for general advice, they need a VCPR in place before the vet can diagnose or prescribe medications.

Many states require an in-person vet visit to establish a VCPR. However, if pet parents live in a state that doesn’t require an in-person VCPR, they can use an online vet service for the initial consultation. Otherwise, they’ll likely need to see a local vet and have them connect with the online vet for routine or prescription services.

3. Explore the Online Shop or Pharmacy

Next, pet parents should explore the online pharmacy to see what types of online vet prescription services are available. Then, when pet parents get an Rx through an online vet, they know they’re getting quality pet care and easy medication ordering.

Fuzzy also offers affordable prices. Fuzzy doesn’t mark up the cost of a prescription, helping pet parents save a lot of money without needing new in-person appointments for each medication.

4. Schedule an Online Visit With a Trusted Veterinarian

Whether pet parents need an online vet visit for prescription services or emergency questions, they should schedule a video chat with a trusted veterinarian. The team should have veterinary knowledge, solid experience, and clinical relationships to advocate getting the proper care for every pet.

This care includes new prescriptions if the vet can legally write one in the pet parent’s state, or it may be a refill Rx that would typically require an exam. The veterinarian also reviews the pet’s medical history and may conduct a phone interview or text-based chat before setting up a video visit.

What Other Services Do Online Veterinarians Provide?

Apart from writing prescriptions in states that allow it, online veterinarians offer:

  • General advice

  • Emergency support

  • Video consultations

  • Behavior questions

  • Nutrition guidance

Check if the vet offers any additional services beyond what is listed.

Make Pet Care a Breeze by Signing Up for Vet Telehealth Services

After learning how to get a vet prescription online, pet parents are ready to step into modern pet care.

The Fuzzy Rx team consists of veterinary receptionists and assistants — the same trusted faces pets and pet parents see in the clinic.

If Fuzzy is unable to fill or refill a new medication for a pet, the Fuzzy Rx team can help yopet parents schedule an appointment with a local vet for any exams or testing needed. Plus, Fuzzy offers convenient follow-up support to help fill and deliver the Rx without additional exams. The team can also help find a new local vet and get more details on various financial options.

Pet parents can rest easy when ordering an Rx through Fuzzy because their beloved pet is getting the proper care and attention they deserve. Sign up for a Fuzzy vet telehealth membership today for expert veterinary support and prescription services.

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