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Vetting a Pet Sitter

Posted by Dr. Roth on September 15, 2021

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Pets are beloved family members and pet parents care for them as they do every other member of the household. Unfortunately, cats and dogs can’t go everywhere their pet parents go. Whether it’s a work trip, a vacation, or even an extended day at work, the need for a pet sitter may arise.‌Vetting is vital for ensuring that pet parents find qualified cat sitters and dog sitters they can trust. This article will help them through the process of vetting a pet sitter so they can find the best fit for their four-legged companion. ‌

Do They Have References?‌

One of the best things pet parents can do when vetting a pet sitter is to interview potential candidates. They shouldn’t be afraid to ask for references that showcase a candidate’s experiences with past clients. These references allow pet parents the chance to get a better idea of what kind of care their four-legged companions can expect.‌

What Experience Do They Have with Pets?

Pet parents want to ensure that they leave their pets with a qualified individual. They should find out what experience the potential sitter has with animals like theirs. Do they have any experience with dog or cat training? Have they ever dealt with a pet health , and can they explain how they handled it? If the , does the sitter have experience with that? Pet parents should also find out if the sitter is an Association of Pet Sitting Excellence (APSE) or PetSit member. Some pet sitters may even be able to provide advice for certain concerns or situations.‌

Can They Meet the Needs of a Pet?

Some pet parents might have to leave their pets at the sitter’s home for one or more nights. They should find out if the sitter has the space to accommodate their companions. Is their yard big enough, fenced, and safe? Is the interior of the home clean and free of potential hazards such as or anything the pet could destroy? ‌

Are They Willing to Do a Trial Run?

Cat anxiety or dog anxiety is common when it comes to meeting new people. Potential sitters should be willing to do a trial run to ensure the animal feels comfortable with them. Pet parents might consider leaving their pet with the candidate for the day to see how their companion acts to ensure the potential sitter knows how to help a dog with anxiety or deal with unusual cat behavior.‌

Do They Require a Contract (or Are They Willing to Sign One)?

Some pet sitters require pet parents to sign a contract. Pet parents should read through it carefully to ensure they understand the fine print and that it includes all necessary inclusions and exclusions. If there is no contract, pet parents might consider asking if the sitter is willing to sign one so everyone is protected should something happen on the job. ‌

Vetting a Pet Sitter: Find the Perfect Fit

Vetting a pet sitter can be a process. For pet parents, finding the perfect person to take care of their cat or dog is vital. They don’t want to trust their pet to just anyone, nor should they. Taking the time to find a qualified cat or dog sitter ensures that the pet gets the best care possible. And that can provide pet parents with significant peace of mind.

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