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  1. cats training and behavior

What Does It Mean When a Cat Chirps?

Posted by Dr. Roth on March 15, 2022

Training & Behavior
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Any pet parent with a cat knows that cats have some seemingly odd behaviors. They knead on their parents, meow at them, and love staring out the window. But what may seem like unusual quirks are actually natural for them. 

‌Some pet parents may have also noticed that their cats make quiet, bird-like noises. Those sounds are known as “chirping.” Upon first hearing it, a pet parent may wonder why their cat is making such a sound. That can lead to the question, what does it mean when a cat chirps? Let’s take a look. 

Behind Cat Behavior: What Does It Mean When a Cat Chirps?

Cats might not be able to talk, but they do have other ways to communicate their wants, needs, and feelings. One such method is meowing. What’s interesting about this vocalization is that cats only do it to humans. They might meow to greet their pet parent at the door, ask for attention, or say they’re irritated. Pet parents that spend a lot of time with their cats often learn to decipher each sound. 

Tail movement and position can also say a lot about how a cat is feeling. A cat might puff out their tail to scare off predators or swish it quickly right before they pounce. 

Chirping is another one of those behaviors that pet parents might notice during cat training. While it might be concerning at first, this chittering isn’t a sign that there’s something wrong. Instead, it’s a vocalization that can tell pet parents their cat has seen something, and they want to draw attention to it. 

But Why Do Cats Chirp In the First Place?

Cats typically chirp when they’re looking out of the window. They’re getting their pet parents’ attention to say they’ve found something, usually a chipmunk, squirrel, or small bird. The sounds are usually soft, sometimes barely noticeable, so the cat doesn’t alert their potential prey to their presence. 

Creating a Safe Space for Natural Cat Behavior 

Cat chirping isn’t a cause for concern; it’s a natural behavior that helps cats communicate with each other or their parents. Cat parents can help build a space for their cats that allows them to express their behaviors safely and healthily. 

‌One way to do this is by creating a space for in-home environmental enrichment. A cat tower is an excellent solution. It allows cats to jump, climb, hide, and explore their surroundings from a safe height. Placing the tower near the window also allows cats to view the world outside. They can watch small animals, practice their hunting and tracking skills, and keep tabs on what’s going on in the neighborhood. Cat calming products can also help a cat feel more comfortable and at home in their environment. 

If pet parents are ever concerned about their cat’s behavior, they can always consult with their primary vet or speak with an online vet. They can get quality kitten advice and cat advice to ensure that their cat remains happy and healthy. 

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