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Dog Health and Wellness Tips

Dog Health and Wellness Tips

Fuzzy vets' expert dog health advice to help pet parents make better decisions for their pup's health and wellness.
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The 8 Best Dog Supplies Every Pet Parent Needs

Posted by Dr. Roth on August 11, 2022

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When looking for the best dog supplies, it only makes sense to consider what vets recommend. Veterinarians understand what makes pet products useful and safe for a dog. 

Here’s how to find the best pet products and six of the most helpful dog supplies vets recommend.

What To Look for in the Best Dog Supplies

Before considering new pet products, it’s essential to understand what makes them worthwhile. The best dog supplies are designed with three things in mind.

  1. Safety: Is the product safe to use or give to a dog? Some products can break or tear if used too frequently or with too much force. This puts the dog at risk of cutting themselves on sharp edges or eating indigestible things. The best dog supplies are designed to be safe for dogs.

  2. Durability: Even if a product won’t hurt the dog if it breaks, it’s still a waste of money to buy something that falls apart. Dogs are hard on their toys and other supplies. The best pet products are built to be durable so that they can last for a dog’s entire lifetime.

  3. Health: Ideal pet products are also healthy for dogs of all ages. They may protect the dog from the elements, help them stay comfortable, or exercise their brain.

8 Pet Products Every Dog Needs

When looking for recommendations, there are a few dog supplies items that every pet parent should have on hand to start with. Here are vets’ favorite dog products and how they can improve a dog’s life.

1. Well-fitted Harness or Collar

Every dog needs a collor or harness that fits well. Pet parents should be able to comfortably slip two fingers underneath it and the dog should be able to move, stretch, run, sleep in it. Aside from being used on walks or worn around the house, these pet essentials also help people more quickly identify a lost or escaped dog so they may get them back home, while also reducing the likelihood of a dog getting loose or lost.

2. Food Puzzles for Mental Stimulation

Giving pups things to do is part of enriching the dog’s life. While toys like tennis balls can be fun, they don’t always give a dog ways to use their brain. Pet parents can swap their favorite bouncy ball by offering food puzzles at meal times every now and then. Keep the dog thinking!

Food puzzles let pet parents hide kibble or a dog’s favorite treats within the toy, so the dog has to figure out how to get it. They can be used as a midday treat, or to feed the dog if they are prone to eating too quickly. Food puzzles let a dog use their brain and nose to figure out how to get the food and keep them from eating too fast and risking a stomachache.

3. Storage Container for Dog Food With an Airtight Seal

Another pet food must is an airtight storage container. Dogs don’t tend to like stale kibble. However, buying food in small bags to keep it from going stale may not be the most cost effective for all households. Instead, get a large storage container with an airtight seal to store dog food in large batches. 

These containers keep pet food fresher for longer. They also keep out pests like bugs. Storing a dog’s food in an airtight container helps keep picky eaters from turning up their nose at their kibble and lets pet parents save money by buying food in bulk.

4. An Elevated Bowl for Feeding Time

Next, think about how to serve the dog their food. Many dogs feel uncomfortable eating out of a bowl on the floor. They may have arthritis in their joints, or they may be too tall to bend that far comfortably. Pet parents can make mealtimes easier for the pet by getting an elevated bowl or riser.

Elevated bowls are one-piece food bowls that bring the food closer to the dog’s height. Meanwhile, risers raise the food and water bowls they already use a little higher. Both can make feeding times easier by allowing the dog to eat and drink more comfortably.

5. A Quality Bag of Treats for Dog Training

There are few things most dogs love more than treats, making them ideal for assisting with training. However, not all treats are created equal. Dogs deserve safe and healthy treats that fit into a well-rounded diet for training and everyday rewards.

Pet parents can find vet-recommended treats for dogs of all ages. When preparing to train a dog, make sure to pick up a quality bag of goodies with a tasty flavor, such as peanut butter or cheese, to give the dog something to look forward to. 

6. A Cooling Dog Bed for Comfort During the Heat of Summer

Many dogs get overheated during the summer. After all, they’re wearing a permanent fur coat. If a dog slows down in the warmer months, pet parents can make them a little more comfortable by getting them a cooling dog bed. 

Many cooling beds are made of mesh and work like camping cots. They keep the dog elevated several inches off the ground so cool air can blow underneath them. This keeps pets off the warm floor and lets them stay a little cooler even when the days are hot. 

7. Dog Shoes to Protect Their Feet From Hot Pavement and Gravel

Walking a dog is one of the best ways to give them regular exercise, but extreme temperatures can make it difficult. High summer temperatures and winter lows can make pavement uncomfortable or even harmful to a dog’s paws. Even gravel can hurt them if they have to walk on it for a long time. 

Pet parents can get shoes for their dogs to ensure they don’t get burned, cut, or bruised when outside. Many dog shoe styles are available, from loose booties to ones that provide constant pressure, so at least one is likely to fit the dog’s paws and make daily walks more manageable.

8. Pet Emergency Kit

When traveling with a dog or in case of an emergency such as a house fire, earthquake, flash flood, tornado, hurricane or other issue a pet emergency kit will be a lifesaver. Pet parents often don’t think about their pup’s Emergency Go Bag, but vets recommend keeping essential items like their food, medications, backup leash, water bowl, wound treatment materials, medical records, paperwork and more on-hand. 

Treat the Dog to a Wide Range of Pet Products

If looking to find the ideal pet products for a pet with unique needs or quirks, Fuzzy can help. Fuzzy has collected the best pet care products for dogs and cats alike, from bath time to thunderstorms. Our in-house veterinarians have recommended every product, including collars, healthy treats, and over-the-counter treatments for anxiety. 

Start looking for the best dog supplies recommended by vets by exploring Fuzzy’s collection of dog toys and other pet products.

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