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Dog Health and Wellness Tips

Dog Health and Wellness Tips

Fuzzy vets' expert dog health advice to help pet parents make better decisions for their pup's health and wellness.
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My Dog Vomits in the Mornings - What Do I do?

Posted by Dr. Caitlin O’Donoghue on August 30, 2018

What to do if?
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Scrubbing a rug or mopping a floor is nobody’s idea of a perfect morning. But if a dog vomits in the morning, pet parents may be surprised to learn they're not alone. Bilious vomiting, which is what this is called, is not terribly uncommon. Essentially, when stomach acid and bile build up in a dog’s stomach, they can cause the dog to vomit upon waking up and moving around.

Bilious vomiting typically happens in dogs that have gone several hours without food. Bilious vomiting symptoms include yellow, sometimes foamy bile vomiting that occurs late at night and mornings before a dog has been fed. These symptoms may appear on a daily basis, though it is more common for them to present intermittently. Dogs with bilious vomiting syndrome will likely be physically healthy and act normally otherwise, between episodes.

Try these two simple things to avoid waking up to dog puke:

Late Night Snack

Many dogs will stop vomiting first thing in the morning if given a midnight snack just before bed. This works to help prevent stomach acid build up. Some pet parents whose dogs suffer from bilious vomiting may also choose to leave out puzzle feeders or kong toys with snacks in them that dogs can work on overnight. This can be especially helpful for dogs that wake their humans up for food in the middle of the night.


Other dogs may need an antacid to help treat their early morning vomiting. Famotidine and omeprazole are common over-the-counter antacids used for bilious vomiting in dogs. Other dog digestive health supplements can be used to reduce the risk of nighttime vomiting. Frequently, dogs only need a single dose each night to prevent early morning vomit piles.

Create a Care Plan

Dogs with bilious vomiting syndrome will be seen to regularly vomit bile as a result of gastric retention. The vomiting can be prevented with small, frequent meals or an nighttime antacid if necessary. Older dogs are more likely to suffer from bilious vomiting than younger dogs, but morning puking can occur in dogs of any age.

However, it is important to note that not all early morning vomiting is caused by stomach acid build-up. Please chat with veterinary support before assuming antacids are the right approach or assuming morning nausea is bilious vomiting. If a pup has vomited more than one time in a row, is lethargic, having diarrhea, or may have gotten into something, they should be evaluated by a veterinarian to ensure nothing more complicated or severe going on. There are a variety of of other issues that can cause pups to vomit, and sometimes dogs may need more than just over-the-counter assistance.

Fuzzy veterinary support is online 24/7/365 via chat or in-app video consults to help pet parents understand possible causes and care options for their dog's vomiting. Chat with us today about any dog health concerns and our vets can make recommendations on supplements, products, or if in-person diagnostics and treatment might be needed.

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