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Dog Health and Wellness Tips

Dog Health and Wellness Tips

Fuzzy vets' expert dog health advice to help pet parents make better decisions for their pup's health and wellness.
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Vet-Recommended Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Posted by Fuzzy Pet Health on November 22, 2022

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Vet-Recommended Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Dogs appreciate practical gifts that offer mental stimulation. They're a part of their family and everyone wants them to share in the joy of the Christmas season.

From delicious treats to colorful balls, pet parents can find the perfect gifts for animals in their household.

Christmas Gifts That Dogs Can't Wait To Open

Pet parents shop for gifts that reflect the holiday spirit and are actually useful. They want to experience the delight of watching as their dog gets excited over a new accessory, treat, or toy.

Some gifts help dogs to burn off extra energy and others mentally stimulate them. Gifts can make senior dogs and young puppies alike excited about their day.

Chewy Meat Treats for Dogs

Chewy meat treats for dogs combine the benefits of chews and balanced meals. Some chewy treats are developed for dogs with pancreatitis, so they're low in fat, and supplement the dog's main meals without exacerbating their condition.

Chews for dogs with arthritis reduce joint pain and inflammation while protecting cartilage. They're made from collagen-rich ingredients like beef trachea and esophagus. These beef products provide glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and other nutrients that protect a dog's joints.

Pet parents can choose from chewy beef treats for dogs, such as:

  • Gullet sticks

  • Trachea chews 

  • Beef skin sticks

  • Beef jerky 

Beef jerky is the toughest treat on this list and it's made from esophagus. It's ideal for an aggressive chewer.

Delicious Immunity-Boosting Supplements

Some Christmas gift ideas for dogs aren't sparkly or bouncy but they enhance a pet's life. During winter, dogs sometimes develop seasonal allergies. Nutrient-rich supplements will help protect them from illnesses.

Healthy treats for dogs enhance their immunity, giving them a boost so they can fight off inflammation. Immune boosting supplements support a healthy diet and exercise, so a pet parent can even select specific supplements that help with their dog's particular health condition.

Many supplements contain probiotics to give a dog extra digestive support. Others are made with fiber to prevent constipation, while some have a blend of vitamins or antioxidants that are especially helpful for dogs who frequently suffer from dermatitis.

Interactive Puzzles

Interactive puzzles make great dog Christmas gifts. Interactive games for dogs reward them with food whenever they solve a challenge by using their paws. These puzzles reduce boredom and are designed to escalate in difficulty as a dog develops their analytical skills. They're sometimes a good distraction for situationally anxious puppies. Low-calorie fillers are available for those that function as slow feeders.

These Christmas presents for dogs are good for pets who like hide-and-seek. Dogs who like to use their nose, paws, and teeth to solve problems will usually enjoy interactive puzzles.

Bouncy Balls for Fetching

High density rubber balls that bounce are easy for puppies to carry in their mouths and they're available in several textures, making them more interesting for dogs that like to sniff and lick objects around them. They vary in size, so a dog can play with a ball that's not too heavy for them. Some balls even glow, making them ideal for nighttime play, while others float and are perfect for dogs that like to swim.

Some of the best dog Christmas gifts boost fitness. High-energy dogs will enjoy playing with balls indoors and outdoors, making this their favorite toy for any occasion.

When parents shop for this type of toy, they'll find it in several colors that reflect the holiday spirit. Although patterned balls are available, some parents prefer solid colors since these make it easier to detect blood, dirt, and other signs that something may be wrong.

When selecting this type of holiday gift, durability is an essential consideration. Balls made of hard solid rubber will last a long time. They're also very bouncy, providing lots of entertainment when a dog plays with their parent. 

Dogs are less likely to damage hard balls with their teeth. It's also unlikely that they'll be able to swallow any part of such balls and cause an obstruction in their digestive tract. However, if a dog is a strong chomper, a bouncy ball wouldn't necessarily be a good gift for them. Pet parents should always supervise dogs when they're playing with items that may carry a possibility for being destroyed or swallowed.

Kong Classic Blue Toy

Several Christmas presents for dogs are a good fit for chewers. The Kong toy is a chew toy that can be filled with dog-safe peanut butter or other ingredients. It's been a popular dog toy for over 30 years.

Dogs can carefully lick out the ingredients or paw the toy around the house, so it's suitable for mental stimulation, exercise, and distraction. It comes in different sizes and there are varieties for senior dogs, puppies, and aggressive chewers.

It's shape gives it an unpredictable bounce, so dogs can play fetch while their parents are away. This durable toy is made of non-toxic rubber and can be frozen for an extra challenge.

A Christmas-Themed Comfy Blanket

Snuggly Christmas gift ideas for dogs will be appreciated by pets who love cuddly toys. A Christmas themed blanket brings holiday cheer. A fluffy fleece blanket keeps dogs warm on cold winter nights and is especially helpful for short-hair breeds.

These dog Christmas gifts are often made of fleece because the material won't easily unravel or fray and it's easy to clean, however if a dog likes to chew a fleece blanket can be dangerous to them if they tear it into small, chewable pieces and ingest them. Blankets are also one of the best dog Christmas gifts for animals who are experiencing joint pain. A fleece-lined memory foam or orthopedic foam bed are also great options to keep pups warm and cozy through the cold seasons.

Good Health Is Always the Perfect Gift

All-natural treats, chews, bouncy balls, and other Christmas gifts for dogs are lots of fun, spread holiday cheer, and affirm a pet's place in their family. While selecting a gift, good health should always be a dog  parent's top priority. 

Another important thing to note is that many toys come with recommended sizes. Be sure to check the recommended pet size when selecting toy options as what is best for a chihuahua may be very different than the recommended option for a great dane.

A veterinarian can provide good advice on gifts that improve a dog's fitness and other aspects of wellness while keeping them happy. Sign up for a Fuzzy membership today and talk online with a vet about your Christmas list.

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