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Dog Health and Wellness Tips

Dog Health and Wellness Tips

Fuzzy vets' expert dog health advice to help pet parents make better decisions for their pup's health and wellness.
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Your Pet Fire Preparedness Plan

Posted by Dr. Lisa Killian, DVM on July 01, 2020

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As peak summer approaches and fall looms just around the corner, many of you will likely be preparing for fire season. In honor of #NationalPetFireSafetyDay on July 15th, we've compiled a list of tips for making sure your pet is included in your family’s fire preparedness plan.

Check alarm and detector batteries

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important nonetheless. Ensure all alarms and detectors have active batteries, and if your system isn’t currently monitored, you might want to consider it. Monitored alarms will notify the fire department if smoke detected is in your home, and they can respond immediately. This is crucial if a fire starts while your pet is home alone.

Eliminate opportunities for accidents

According to the Red Cross, over 1,000 home fires are accidentally started by pets each year. By eliminating opportunities for accidents, you’ll be able to better protect both your pet and your home. Put out any open flames (think candles, fireplaces, appliances), and cover any stove knobs that your pet could accidentally brush up against and turn on.

Update tags and microchips

In the event of a fire and your pet gets lost in all the commotion, updated I.D tags and microchips are the best way to find them and get them home safely. Of course, these are also highly beneficial should your pet get lost for any other reason as well.

Add pet items to your “go” bag

Should you need to evacuate for your home for any reason, don’t forget to add pet essentials to your “go” bag. Keep a leash by the door in case you need to leave in a hurry, and be mindful of any medications or supplements your pet can’t be without. A familiar toy or blanket that will help keep them calm is also a good idea.

Always better to be safe than sorry.

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