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Dog Lifestyle Advice

Dog Lifestyle Advice

Dog lifestyle tips and trends are always changing, but licensed Fuzzy vets have tried and true expert guidance.
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7 Fall Dog Activities To Enjoy With Your Pet

Posted by Dr. Roth on November 18, 2022

Wellness Care
Fall Dog Activities To Enjoy With Your Pet

There are many reasons to love the fall— cooler temperatures, the leaves changing colors, and two festive holidays to celebrate, to name a few. Many people spend more time outdoors, go on hiking adventures, and visit local farms for apple and pumpkin picking. It's easy to see why many consider it their favorite season. 

Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy the fall, though. Many dogs love the cooler weather and going on adventures with their pet parents. In fact, there are plenty of fun fall dog activities that pet parents can share with their canines. The only question is, where do they start?

Fun Fall Activities for Any Dog

From spending more time outdoors in the backyard to exploring new locations, there are lots of dog-friendly activities pet parents can share with their canines:

1. Jump Around in the Colorful Leaves

Pet parents may have fond memories of jumping into colorful piles of leaves when they were younger. Well, kids aren't the only ones who can find pleasure in one of the simplest (and most fun) fall outdoor activities. Their dog may enjoy frolicking in them, too. 

Pet parents should rake up a giant leaf pile or two for this activity. Then they can encourage their dog to hop in. Not all canines will catch on right away, though. Some pet parents may need to show their dogs that it's safe by tossing a favorite toy into the mound. They could also demonstrate how to do it by jumping in themselves. Jumping in piles of crunchy leaves is a great way to turn a mundane fall task into an enjoyable, energy-burning activity that prevents boredom

2. Hike Along a Scenic Trail

With autumn comes some respite from the summer heat, making it the perfect time to take a hiking adventure (or several!). Pet parents can enjoy the beautiful scenery while their dogs can check out all kinds of new smells. It's an excellent opportunity to get some exercise while exploring different places.

When planning a nature hike, one of the first things pet parents should do is make sure the trails are dog-friendly. Many places, including national parks, allow dogs so long as pet parents keep their canines on a leash and clean up after them. While the weather is milder, pet parents should bring plenty of water for themselves and their dogs (a collapsible bowl may come in handy). They'll also want to protect their dogs with flea and tick preventatives.

3. Take a Cozy Camping Trip

"Camping" means different things to different people. For some, it's roughing it in the woods with a tent, sleeping bag, and essential supplies. For others, it means adventuring in an RV. Some people prefer renting a cozy cabin in the mountains.

No matter their preference, adventurous pet parents might consider including their dogs in fall camping trip fun. Again, they should first make sure their destination is dog-friendly and that they know the pet policies. They'll also want to be mindful of the weather, especially if they plan on sleeping in a tent. 

4. Have a Fall Photoshoot

The gorgeous fall atmosphere provides an ideal backdrop for some incredible photos. Pet parents can take advantage of it and get some great pictures of their dog to display in their home or office. Plus, their dog may enjoy getting some extra outdoor time to romp around in the leaves or enjoy other fun activities outdoors. 

For the best lighting, pet parents should plan to snap pictures during what professional photographers call the "golden hour." That's the time just after sunrise or slightly before sunset when the daylight is softer and redder than when the sun is at its highest. Getting lower to the ground allows them to capture more of their dog's natural expressions. 

Some dogs may lose interest or become frustrated during a photo shoot, especially if pet parents are stressing over getting the "perfect" picture. Instead, pet parents should keep the session short and positive. A few treats can go a long way in providing some motivation. They should also remember that some of the best fall dog photos capture their dog doing what they love most, such as frolicking in the leaves or chasing a ball. 

5. Head Over to a Dog-Friendly Pumpkin Patch

Plenty of pumpkin patches allow well-behaved, friendly dogs to accompany their pet parents on their quest to find the perfect pumpkin. Many farms offer a wide range of other fall-related activities for visitors and their canines to enjoy, including hayrides and corn mazes. As a bonus, pet parents can also capture some pretty great photos of their dogs while they're pumpkin picking. 

Pet parents should keep in mind that not all farms are pet-friendly. They should call first to confirm whether or not they can bring their dog. 

6. Offer Dog-Safe Fall Foods

People enjoy a wide array of festive fall desserts. While pet parents shouldn't feed their dog a slice of apple or pumpkin pie, that doesn't mean canines have to miss out on tasty autumnal treats. Pet parents can share apples from a local orchard and plain, cooked pumpkin or sweet potatoes with their dogs. Pet parents who like to bake can even whip up a batch of fall dog treats using ingredients such as pumpkin and peanut butter. If they're taking a camping trip with their dog, they can also make a batch of dog-safe s'mores for the occasion.

7. Curl Up and Watch Halloween Flicks

For many people, Halloween movies are the highlight of fall. Pet parents might find the flicks even more enjoyable with their dog by their side. They can snuggle under a cozy blanket and share some quiet bonding time. Whether pet parents prefer classic horror films or something low-key, it's the perfect way to end the day. 

Keep Dogs Healthy Throughout the Seasons

There's no shortage of fun activities that pet parents can partake in with their dogs in the fall. However, weather changes, more outdoor time, and hikes in the woods can mean more potential risks to a canine's health. Pet parents can avoid these risks and keep their dogs in tip-top shape with help from Fuzzy. 

As a Fuzzy member, pet parents are less than a minute away from professional vet advice 24/7. They also have access to an annual digital physical via video chat, free shipping on dog health products, and more, allowing them to keep their dogs healthy this fall and every season to come. 

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