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  1. dogs nutrition

Can my dog eat strawberries?

Posted by Fuzzy Help on July 28, 2019

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By Dr. Sarah Wallace

Strawberries can definitely be fed to dogs! Strawberries, like their summer fruit friend, the blueberry, can be fed as a treat in moderation. It is important to remember that strawberries do contain sugar that can cause weight gain and can feed any bacteria affecting your pet's mouth and gums. So if you are feeding fruits to your pet, do remember to brush their teeth after.

If you want to feed an extra special treat in the summer, wedge a couple of washed strawberries into a kong or similar dog toy and place into the freezer for an hour or two. Pull it out during the hottest part of the day and your dog will thank you! Do be careful, however, it is important to wash strawberries before feeding to prevent ingestion of bacteria or pesticide residues and be mindful of strawberry juice oozing onto your floors!

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