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Dog Stress and Anxiety Tips

Dog Stress and Anxiety Tips

Explore expert vet advice for how to help a dog with anxiety or manage dog anxiety symptoms.
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How to Keep Your Dog from Destroying Your Belongings

Posted by Dr. Roth on March 04, 2021

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Ever come home to an explosion of mangled toys, torn-up furniture, or destroyed pillows? Many pet parents are familiar with this scene, as they face the daily challenge of managing a destructive pup.

Wondering how to keep a dog from destroying their belongings or other items in the home? The answer often lies in addressing the dog’s behavior. Destruction can be a sign of anxiety, boredom, or even fear.

Consider these tips for maintaining a happy and healthy home for all pets.

Try Basic Dog Training

One way to keep dogs stimulated and away from their destructive tendencies is with basic dog training, which includes commands and habits like:

  • Come - This skill will teach a dog to react positively when called. It will also help train the dog to stop destroying items when left alone.

  • Leash walking - Basic leash walking training is a must-have when it comes to training a dog. Not only does it give the pup a great reason to get out of the house, but it also lays the foundation for more advanced training and communication. 

  • Sit - Equipped with a high-value treat, it should only take a few minutes to teach this skill.

  • Stay - Another essential command when it comes to building rapport with a dog, this cue requires the dog to concentrate on what the parent is saying. 

By working daily with a pet on these basic skills, dog parents can help banish boredom while bonding with their canine companion. Remember, the best training sessions start with the best treats, so keep some handy all the time.  

Use Environmental Enrichment for Dogs

Whether a dog is bored, anxious, or even a bit moody—environmental enrichment can be part of how to keep the dog from destroying things in the home and keep them busy in more positive ways. Effective environmental enrichment for dogs includes:

  • Puzzle bowls - To keep an energetic dog occupied during meal times, give them a puzzle bowl. Fill the bowl during regular feedings and even surprise the pup with treats throughout the day. They’ll have to mentally learn the new ways of reaching the food or treats.

  • Treat-dispensing toys - For active-minded canines, the treat-dispensing toy is a stellar way to spice up their day with some fun. Food-motivated pets love playing with interactive toys for hours on end. 

  • Stimulating chew toys - A great chew toy is a must-have. Ensure every pet has an indestructible toy handy to work out their feelings with a good chew.

  • Daily walks - Set aside a special time every day to take pups on their favorite walk, to play their favorite game, and keep them happy and healthy.

Manage Your Dog’s Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a common occurrence among pups of all ages. Fortunately, there are several solutions dog parents can try, including:

Calming Chews - There are a variety of Calming and Relaxing Chews pet parents can buy for their pet. These supplements help calm a dog with natural ingredients. 

Herbal Sprays - As they use canine pheromones to help mitigate anxiety, Herbal Calming Sprays can be very useful. 

Herbal Calming Dog Spray 480 X 480 Jpg

Calming Collars - Much like the spray, a Calming Collar uses pheromones to calm pups using their strongest sense (smell). 

Be Patient With An Anxious Dog

Finding the right solution for dog anxiety often takes some trial and error. As a pet parent, the best thing you can do is have patience and explore multiple behavioral solutions for an anxious pup.

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