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  1. employee spotlight

Fuzzy CEO Zubin Bhettay Named to SF Business Time's 40 Under 40 Award Winners

Posted by Fuzzy Pet Health on April 22, 2022

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We’re excited to announce that Zubin Bhettay, Co-founder and CEO of Fuzzy, has been named to SF Business Time’s 40 Under 40 list for 2022. 

employee spotlight zubin bhettay 40 under 40

Zubin, 37, from Cape Town, South Africa, founded Fuzzy in 2016 to help make pet care more accessible following an expensive and panicked experience attempting to get his cocker spaniel, Mo, seen by local veterinarians only to be sent back home to monitor luxated patella symptoms. The years-long journey that followed uncovered his passion, and consumer pain, of accessing personalized care guidance to create better, long term care options and improved pet wellness more affordably. 

Fuzzy is a subscription-based service offering members 24/7 digital access to veterinary professionals, virtual consultations and on-demand guidance and training from a team of licensed, on-staff pet health experts. Fuzzy also offers vet-curated products and personalized treatment plans for nutrition, training and behavior.

In an interview with SF Business Time’s about the challenges of pivoting the business entering 2020, Zubin mentioned how tough it was on the team. Now, two and a half years into the pandemic and as a fundamentally different pet health company, Zubin reflected on what he was most proud of with Fuzzy.

“Building a company where people feel they belong, can be their whole selves and put their energies into building something that can spread joy and happiness means so much to me. We’ve got such a diverse group of people at Fuzzy, it’s fun to see that diversity blossom.”

“Building connectedness and togetherness is key to doing anything with meaning. I’ve felt that being a parent and being present with my son, and I’ve felt that building a team (that’s grown 5x in 12 months) that is all remote.”

As Fuzzy continues building features into its app and customer experiences, Zubin is excited for the potential for Fuzzy to materially impact the health and wellness of millions of pets nationwide. Many actuarial studies have shown that increasing the length of a pet’s life also improves the quality and length of life for their humans. As Zubin and the Fuzzy Team build more, pet longevity and the years of pet joy added to thew world are key conceptual metrics he’s excited to quantify further throughout Fuzzy’s work and the ongoing mission of making pet care more accessible. 

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