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  1. employee spotlight

Dr. Cherice Roth Named to Entrepreneur’s 100 Women of Influence List

Posted by Fuzzy Pet Health on October 07, 2022

roth entrepreneur magazine 100 women of influence

Our veterinary team is led by the incredible Dr. Cherice Roth and we’re thrilled to share that she has been named to Entrepreneur’s 100 Women of Influence List. Dr. Roth, from Boring, Oregon, joined the Fuzzy team in 2021 to help us accomplish our goal of making pet care more affordable, accessible, and equitable. 

Dr. Roth’s love for pets began at a very early age as did her experience of the lack of access to pet health care and knowledge. Her first family dog, Ebony, passed away, not from a lack of love, but due to a lack of accessible pet care. When she began her career as a veterinarian, Dr. Roth took an oath to prevent animal suffering and protect public health. At Fuzzy, we are thankful to have a leader like Dr. Roth who daily works towards the goal of every pet having access to veterinary care, basic medications and proper wellness plans and every pet parent represented in the veterinary industry.

Fuzzy was founded with a very similar goal to her own: to improve the pet health journey for pet parents by reducing geographical and financial barriers to pet care through technology. Fuzzy offers a holistic, personalized pet care journey, including 24/7 access to veterinarians via live chat and telehealth, vet-curated product recommendations, and training plans tailored to each pet. 


In an interview with Entrepreneur, Dr. Roth discussed the problem the veterinary industry faces of veterinary burnout and fatigue and how she is leading the team at Fuzzy to solve it. 

“Roughly 4,400 veterinary professionals are added to the field each year, yet around 4,000,000 pets are newly adopted in that same year. Fuzzy has worked to support hospital veterinarians, clinicians, and veterinary nurses in the profession by providing 24/7 care to their patients – allowing them to find a level of work-life balance previously thought to be unattainable.

At Fuzzy, we openly discuss industry struggles like compassion fatigue, to support our teams. Through telemedicine, we are able to assess and care for the majority of the pets that need Fuzzy for acute issues and support all of the families that need us for everyday pet wellness. By doing this, we are protecting the most valuable and fleeting resource in pet health, veterinary professionals themselves. With our team spread out across the entire United States, we are breaking down geographical barriers for pets and pet parents to fulfill our mission of more accessible pet care.”

dr cherice roth childrens book signing

As Fuzzy continues to work towards a day where the joy of pet parenthood is attainable, affordable and accessible to all, Dr. Roth is leading the team daily to fight for access to high-quality digital veterinary care which has never been seen before.

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