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Fuzzy Partners with Shelters to Help Ease New Pet Parenting Woes

Posted by Fuzzy Pet Health on August 24, 2022

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Our pets are our everything and we’d do anything for them. That doesn't mean bringing home a new dog (senior or puppy) or cat (adult or kitten) is easy, or that pet parents immediately know what to do with a new rascal in the home. 

Fuzzy is proud to announce partnerships with over 37 rescue groups and shelters to help new pet parents feel more confident and capable in their abilities and provide the home new pet family members need.

“We’re really excited for this partnership!” - Labelle Foundation 

“Thank you so much for setting this up with us! I am sure this service will be of great use to our adopters, donors and supporters!” - Lucky’s Crew Animal Rescue

“I wish I would have known about Fuzzy for my own personal dogs!” - Lucky Dog Refuge 

Fuzzy partner benefits to howl about:

  • Discounted first year Fuzzy membership at time of pet adoption 

  • Guaranteed virtual vet consult to help new adopters bring home their pet successfully

  • Monetary donation back to the shelter or rescue group when the adopter sets up their Fuzzy account

  • Donated Fuzzy memberships for rescue group or shelter staff and volunteers

  • Monthly feature of adoptable pets on Fuzzy social media to help get the word out

  • Event sponsorship and partnership to help on-the-ground in the shelter or rescue group’s local community

See what we’ve done with Seattle Humane Society, the Humane Society of Utah, PAWS Chicago, Coco’s Heart Dog Rescue and more!

seattle humane society fuzzy partner video
coco heart's dog rescue fuzzy partner video

Lowering learning curves and reducing surrender rates 

At various points throughout the pandemic, surrender rates of family pets have fluctuated. Though surrender rates are currently 14% lower than pre-pandemic levels, according to Shelter Animals Count, in 2022 thus far, some shelters are seeing as high as 40% of surrenders attributed to inflation, increased rents, and the cost of pet ownership.

In a recent survey conducted by Rover, and similar to results found in a 2021 Fuzzy survey, the cost of pet parenthood is rising. Rover reports that more than 90% of pet parents say they have noticed inflation-related cost increases to pet supplies and care, up from 71% in January of 2022.

Helping new pet parents with unlimited access to vets without the in-person costs is one way Fuzzy is hoping to ease the learning curve and address the majority of new pet parent questions remotely. With expert, daily pet healthcare options, pet parents can stress less and find options they need to affordably and effectively care for their new and current dogs and cats.

Nose-to-tail care plans created just for each pet:

  • Not sure what to feed a new pet? Get a personalized diet plan from Fuzzy’s vets.

  • Is the new pet stressed or do they seem anxious? Our vets will help pet parents assess and improve the environment so they can become more well-adjusted.

  • How much napping is too much napping? Is this wheezing normal? Are they eating enough? We’ll help figure out the best ways of moving and exercising each pet to ensure they’re healthy and becoming well-adjusted.

All new pet parents need to do after adoption is answer a few questions about their new pet. They’ll receive a personalized plan, pet care product recommendations, and 24/7 access to our vets.

What new pet adopters are saying about Fuzzy:

“For a first time pet owner who has a sick little puppy, having someone who can video chat with you at 3:00 in the morning was amazing.” - Mikian R.

“It was the middle of the night and I was scared and stressed about my puppy eating a sock and being sick and your team was right there to tell me what to do, what would happen and next steps. I had to message a few times just to put my mind at ease but your team was kind and patient each time! They also reached out to me just to check on my puppy and myself. This is tremendous customer service and I absolutely will recommend your services to any and all that will listen!!” - Wendy M.

“Bringing home a puppy is challenging! Over the past year, I've contacted Fuzzy numerous times about issues that have arisen regarding my growing gal. Most recently, I was able to have a consultation with Dr. Sheen about developing the appropriate diet for a dog transitioning into adulthood. Fuzzy is a service I recommend to every pet parent I meet!” - Sheila G.

“Like many, when the puppy gets sick (usually late at night or weekends) you panic. They cannot express what is happening and you feel helpless. Got my answers and wasn’t made out to be stupid.” - Kari M.

“When my pup was in need, Fuzzy was there to help! I love the 24/7 feature as things can happen with your pup at any hour and it will decrease the anxiety! The techs and vets are kind and super helpful and love the fact they check up on your pup!” - Jasmine A.

“I think this is such a great service! With it being 24 hours, and you don't even need to leave your home! I have already told a couple friends to get the service.” - Crystell A.

“Excellent service. The Team has been available every time I have a question. Thank you” - Patsy J.

Partner with Fuzzy

Pets are our everything. Whether they’re the only one added to the household or they’re joining a pack of other pawesome buddies, their health and behavioral needs will be as unique as they are. Fuzzy is excited to open its partnership opportunities to other shelters, rescue groups, foster programs, and pet businesses to help animals get the best in-home care possible.

If interested in working with Fuzzy or getting adopters set up with virtual care options to improve animals’ transitions, learn more about Fuzzy partnership opportunities or email to connect with the team. We can’t wait to work together!

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