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One green button. Unlimited online vet care.

Posted by Fuzzy Pet Health on November 30, 2022

Wellness Care

Whether you’re using Fuzzy for a one-time consult or just signed up for an unlimited membership, you’ll immediately become familiar with this green button.

It’s big. It’s shiny. It launches the most powerful feature available to pet parents today—Fuzzy Vet Chat. Smash that button, and you’ll be instantly connected to our Vet Team. Skip the scheduling mayhem. Skip the insane vet bills. Go directly to the verified, experienced vets and nurses who can answer your burning questions, prescribe your pet medication, discuss behavioral issues, and tackle nearly every function an in-person clinic can perform. 

Here’s how it works.

Push for online vets

Well obviously, you have to push the button, but what happens next? You’ll be asked if you’d like to connect with the Vet Team via video or chat. We have two awesome options and they both have their benefits. 

True telehealth for pets

Once you select video chat, you’ll be asked to provide your home address so we can legally provide treatment. Then you can tell us what brings you to our virtual office today. You can discuss grooming, a chronic condition, new pet parent concerns, diet and nutrition, and just about anything else. 

Once you let us know a bit about why you’re here and someone from our Vet Team will connect with you as soon as they’re available. 

Video chat is great for non-urgent issues that require our vets and nurses to visually evaluate your pet. By law, our vets need to see patients before they can prescribe or refill medication. 

A video consult can help our vets diagnose unknown problems, as well. Maybe your puppy is a bit lethargic these days and you don’t know why. Our vets can assess their gait—how they walk—to see if there are any joint issues that would decrease the amount of pep in their step. Through a face-to-face interaction, our team also can help with skin and coat issues, dental evaluations, and we can even perform annual checkups. 

Try a quick training session or get behavioral coaching. Seeing your pet’s environment and how you interact helps the Vet Team provide more personalized recommendations. 

Quick care via chat

If you have an urgent issue or a curious question, text chat is where you want to be. It’s the quickest and easiest way to connect. Just push the Vet Chat button, select text chat, then tell us a bit about what brought you here. Our Vet Team will connect you with a vet or nurse as soon as they become available.

Did your cat just eat an entire leaf off your beloved houseplant? Start a chat to find out if it’s toxic, how to treat any indigestion, and what—if any—next steps you need to take. 

Have you ever wondered why dogs like to roll around in their favorite smells and how to stop them? Fire any quick questions at our vets and nurses.

Is your senior pet having problems with incontinence? Get product recommendations to put a stop to the problem based on their unique medical history. 

There’s no question too big or too small for our Vet Team. We’re available 24/7 and our goal is to get to know every pet in the country. So drop on in.

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