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Pet Insurance Improves a Pet's Life Expectancy

Posted by Dr. Roth on January 07, 2022

Wellness Care
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Pet parents naturally want to do everything in their power to help their pets live long, happy, and healthy lives. Good veterinary care is an essential factor in optimizing the chances of pets living long lives. Although veterinary treatment can be expensive, pet insurance plans help keep costs down. Here's how pet insurance can extend a pet's life.

Access To Emergency Veterinary Treatment

Accidents can happen at any point in a pet's life. Kittens and puppies are especially known for getting into things. Younger pets are more prone to drinking and eating things that may cause them to become ill. They are also more likely to dart into traffic and otherwise place themselves in hazardous situations than mature pets. However, older dogs and cats can also find themselves in perilous situations, so being prepared for emergencies is a good idea no matter what stage of life the pet is in. 

The stress and anxiety that typically accompanies emergency situations often make it difficult for pet parents to think clearly. Pet insurance plans eliminate a common major source of this anxiety. Without having to worry about how to pay for veterinary care when an emergency arises, pet parents can make better decisions. Having a pet insurance policy in place may mean the difference between being able to save the animal's life and having little choice but the option of premature euthanasia. 

Access To Routine Veterinary Checkups

Routine veterinary checkups are the cornerstone of a lifetime of good health for domestic pets. Regular checkups are an important preventive strategy for defining and treating pet health issues before they become serious. Not only does this help minimize unnecessary pain and suffering on the part of the pet, but it also helps keep veterinary costs down for the pet parent. Additionally, pet insurance helps make it possible for pet parents to afford veterinary treatment that might otherwise be out of their financial reach. 

Access To Add-on Wellness Services

Add-on wellness services can include procedures such as spaying and neutering, routine dental cleanings, and screenings for common conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. These procedures and screenings minimize the chances of some types of health issues occurring in the first place and allow for early detection and treatment of others that are still in the emerging stage.

Access To Senior Care 

Senior pets typically need more frequent veterinary checkups than their younger counterparts. They also tend to require more prescription medications, and they may need surgery and other procedures to help maintain their health and quality of life. Because veterinary bills tend to rise as pets enter their senior years, a solid insurance policy helps pet parents make better decisions for their senior pets. With the right kind of veterinary care, the lifespans of senior pets can often be extended by several years. 

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