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Why Vets Recommend Pet Insurance

Posted by Dr. Roth on February 17, 2022

Wellness Care
Why Vets Recommend Pet Insurance Png

Even with routine wellness visits, preventative care, and a healthy lifestyle, pets can still face accidents and illnesses. While not all issues are expensive, some can cost thousands of dollars. 

Pet insurance plans can help cover the cost of emergency care, yet fewer than 3% of pet parents have one. Some might not know pet health insurance exists, while others don’t think they need it. No matter the age or health of a pet, it’s never a bad idea to be prepared. 

Types of Pet Insurance Plans

Pet parents have a few options for pet health plans:

  • Accident-only insurance covers the cost of vet bills associated with accidents such as a torn ACL, cuts or lacerations, or getting hit by a car.

  • Accident and illness insurance covers costs associated with accidents as well as illnesses, such as UTIs, arthritis, or cancer.

  • Wellness coverage is often an add-on that covers things like wellness visits, vaccines, and preventative care. 

Why Vets Recommend Pet Insurance

Here are five reasons why vets recommend pet insurance for all pet parents:

1) Pet Parents Can Save Money

If a pet suffers a significant injury or develops a lifelong health issue while under coverage, the policy can help take care of the cost. That can save pet parents large amounts of money, especially over time. 

2) It Allows Pet Parents to Focus on Pet Health Rather Than Finances

A pet parent should never have to choose between the health or life of their pet and their financial well-being. Pet health insurance makes it easy to focus on getting a pet the care they need without having to worry about affording the cost. 

3) Pet Insurance Plans Offer Peace of Mind

For a small monthly premium, pet parents can have peace of mind knowing that their pets are covered in the event of an accident. Most pet health insurance companies reimburse up to 80% of covered healthcare costs after a pet parent meets their deductible. 

4) Even Healthy Pets Can Benefit

Pet health insurance plans aren’t only for old or sick pets. Healthy, young pets and pets that might seem “low-risk,” such as indoor cats, can develop issues or suffer an injury, too. 

5) Policies Don’t Discriminate Based on Age or Breed

Pet parents can get plans for their cats and dogs regardless of age or breed. However, they should note that age and breed may affect their premiums. 

When Should Pet Parents Sign Up for Pet Health Insurance?

While a policy might seem unnecessary for a young puppy or kitten, pet parents should apply for pet health insurance plans as early as possible. Older pets tend to get assigned higher premiums. Additionally, pets can develop issues, such as allergies, even when they’re young. No pet insurance company covers pre-existing conditions. And regardless of age, accidents can happen at any lifestage.

Affordable Pet Insurance with Fuzzy Pet Health Plans

Pet parents can find affordable pet insurance with Fuzzy Pet Health. Along with fast reimbursements and $5,000 to $10,000 payment limits, Fuzzy Pet Health plans come with access to live vets 24/7 via live vet chat. Pet parents can get cat health advice or dog health advice at any time.

For more information and to get a quote, pet parents should visit Fuzzy today. 

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