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Puppy Advice

Puppy Advice

Get proactive with our vets' puppy advice tips and puppy health and development guides.
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10 Steps To A Successful Puppy Adoption

Posted by Dr. Roth on March 16, 2022

Wellness Care
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Adopting a new pet is an exciting time. It’s also nerve-wracking. After all, this new puppy is a big commitment. Taking care of a baby animal is a lot of work, so it’s essential to be fully prepared. 

‌Whether prepared or not, though, people have been adopting dogs and cats forever. There’s a routine process to follow that will make any pet adoption successful. Just follow these ten steps, and the new pet will settle into the family in no time. 

10 Steps To A Successful Puppy Adoption

1. Do the Research 

This is the most crucial step of adopting any animal. Every pet has its own requirements for a happy life. Before adopting a puppy, research the breed’s needs to make sure they’re the right choice. For example, research things like:

  • ‌How much space does the breed need?

  • ‌What kind of living environment best suits the breed?

  • ‌How does the breed interact with children and other pets?

  • ‌Does the breed trigger allergies?

  • ‌Does the breed have any specific care requirements?

‌This ensures that the chosen puppy will be the right fit for their new environment.

2. Have a Pet Checklist Of Essentials 

Every pet parent should have supplies on hand before they get their new puppy. Make sure to have essential items like food, treats, vitamins and supplements, grooming supplies, safety equipment, and more to make the new puppy comfortable. 

3. Establish Rules and Routines

Puppies are very young, and they’ve usually never been away from their mother and siblings before. Moving to a new home is scary, and many puppies are anxious at first. The easiest way to help a puppy adjust to a new home is to set rules and routines right away. 

If the puppy seems extremely anxious, talk to an online vet. They can recommend additional tips to help ease their anxiety. There are also dog anxiety medication to help new puppies adjust. 

4. Consistent and Early Behavior Management

Young animals are learning lifelong habits. It’s possible to prevent many future problems by performing consistent behavior management right from the start. 

‌Positive reinforcement is better than negative reinforcement. Essentially, reward the new pet for doing the right thing instead of punishing them for doing the wrong thing. The best dog training tips rely on giving the pet treats and love when they exhibit the correct behavior. 

This is also the time to house train. After pet adoptions, animals may be more likely to have accidents. Rewarding a puppy for pottying outside will help prevent dog anxiety about accidents.

5. Learn From Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes when bringing home a new pet. After an adoption, be prepared for those mistakes. When they happen, just move on and learn from them. Pets are rarely naughty on purpose. Learning from mistakes helps improve training and helps the pet behave better in the future.

6. Attend Training Courses

Puppies in particular benefit from training courses. A good trainer will offer dog training tips that can help a new pet settle into their family. After a dog adoption, it’s always a good idea to schedule and attend training courses to learn how to interact with a dog and maintain pet health.

7. Introduce Pets to Vet and Groomer

A significant root of dog anxiety is going to the vet or groomer. Make this easier for new pets by training them to accept physical touch like they’ll experience at these places. Play with the animal’s paws, examine their ears, and gently press on their abdomen at home while giving them treats. Even better, bring lots and lots of treats to the vet and groomer, so the pet learns these places are fun. 

8. Bond with Pets

Puppies have a built-in desire to bond with people. Make sure to play with the new pet often and give them treats and affection. This helps build a bond of trust with them and forms the basis for the pet’s relationships for the rest of their life. 

9. Plan for Mental and Physical Exercise

Every animal needs mental and physical exercise. It’s essential for pet health. Have a plan of activities that gives the dog a way to run around and exert some energy. It’s possible to prevent anxiety by giving them puzzle toys, taking them on regular walks, and creating a safe space for them to retreat to.

10. Socialize with People, Pets, and Children

After a dog adoption, it’s essential to have the animal interact with other people and pets. When an animal has good experiences with children, other animals, and adults as a baby, it will behave better as it matures. It’s a great way to reduce future anxiety, too. 

Pet Adoption Can Be Easy

With a plan, it’s easy to navigate any adoption. By following these 10 steps to a successful puppy adoption, any new pet will settle into a new family with ease. If a new pet parent has any questions about helping their dog adapt, Fuzzy is here to help 24/7 via Live Vet Chat and get their questions answered quickly to help them adjust better. 

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