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Miconahex + Triz Shampoo for Dogs & Cats

MiconaHex+Triz shampoo is an effective and safe solution for treating and preventing a variety of skin conditions in dogs and cats, and can help to cleanse, moisturize, and soothe the skin and coat. 


  • Effective against bacterial and fungal infections: The shampoo contains chlorhexidine and miconazole, which are effective against a wide range of bacteria and fungi. This means that it can be used to treat a variety of skin infections, such as dermatitis, pyoderma, and yeast infections.

  • Reduces inflammation: MiconaHex+Triz shampoo contains hydrocortisone, a steroid that helps to reduce inflammation and itching. This can help to provide relief to pets suffering from skin conditions that cause itching and irritation.

  • Cleanses the skin and coat: The shampoo also contains a gentle cleansing agent that helps to remove dirt, debris, and excess oil from the skin and coat. This can help to prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungi that can lead to skin infections.

  • Moisturizes the skin: MiconaHex+Triz shampoo contains aloe vera and glycerin, which help to moisturize and soothe the skin. This can help to prevent dryness and flakiness, which can be a symptom of some skin conditions.

  • Safe for dogs and cats: MiconaHex+Triz shampoo is safe for use on both dogs and cats, and is non-toxic when used as directed. It can be used on pets of all ages and sizes.

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