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Quality pet care, without the hefty price tag

Annual savings of $1,000+

Annual savings of $1,000+

Stop waiting, traveling, and paying extra. Get the attention you deserve when you need it for a fraction of the yearly cost of traditional care.

Prescriptions & Treatments

Prescriptions & Treatments

Connect with a licensed Vet and we’ll recommend a customized treatment plan that's shipped right to your door. Whether your pet needs a new prescription or a refill, we’re here for their every need

24/7 Veterinary Care

24/7 Veterinary Care

Dog eat some grapes? Cat peed in the house unexpectedly? Emergencies don’t come scheduled. Instantly chat with our on-call Vets or receive priority referrals to clinics when needed

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Get prescriptions from the comfort of home

Looking for flea & tick medications? Need help with your pet's anxiety? Fuzzy is here for you at the press of a button, 24/7. When it comes to receiving every state is different. But no matter where you live, Fuzzy vets will give you the best care allowed by law.

When it comes to receiving pet meds via telemedicine, every state is different. Be sure to check if Fuzzy is allowed to prescribe in your state, and remember we are adding new states every day.

However, no matter where you live, Fuzzy vets will give you the best care, 24/7.

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Caring is knowing

Caring is knowing

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Avg. savings of $1,000/year+

Unlimited access to vets without the in-person cost


92% of ER trips avoided

Check in with Fuzzy first to avoid a headache & hefty bill

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1.5 Million + Consults delivered

No question too big or too small for our vet team

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Prescriptions for pet families

No matter where you live, Fuzzy vets will give you the best care

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4.9 / 5 Stars

Count on us to do all we can to help answer any question you may have

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200,000+ pets under our care

We care about each and every pet because we're pet parents, too

A note from our Chief Veterinary Officer

Welcome to Fuzzy!  I’m Dr. Cherice Roth, Chief Veterinary Officer of Fuzzy Pet health. I'm excited you're here and taking the first to step to helping your pet live a longer and happier life with you! 

Fuzzy’s mission is to be certain that EVERY pet family has affordable access to Veterinary care as well as safe and effective products to treat a wide range of your pet’s needs.

We promise to proactively use all of our knowledge and resources to provide care to every pet, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There are no questions too great or too small.

We’re with you on your journey of being the superhero for your pet every day. 


Pet parents trust Fuzzy


Laura g Via Trustpilot

“This app is literally a life saver”

It was 3AM and something just didn’t seem right, so I got the app and was able to upload pictures. Not only did they respond immediately but they put a treatment plan together for me. They checked up on us in less than 48 hours. The vets are so friendly!

Lisa O via Trustpilot

“Huge savings and excellent service”

My dog needs special food, which is not available in retail stores. My previous supplier had been seriously overcharging me. I highly recommend Fuzzy for the excellent customer service and pricing. Now I can better afford to take care of my best friend!

Lauren a via trustpilot

“Such a help during stressful times”

My cat was recently diagnosed with cancer. My oncologist is lovely but she is busy! I can’t always talk to her right away. It's been such a comfort to have the Fuzzy to reach out to. Everyone I’ve spoken with has been incredibly kind, patient, and helpful.

Kristen R via Trustpilot

“Fuzzy is the best”

The pet meds are great. The prices are low and discounted. I could go on for days about the customer service. Always so friendly and knowledgeable. I am constantly recommending Fuzzy. I'll definitely continue using Fuzzy for my cat’s needs.

DAvid b via trustpilot

“Couldn’t be happier”

I recently subscribed and got specialized dog food for my diabetic dog. But I’m terrible at math and realized I need another bag. Fuzzy walked me through everything and I still got my 50% discount. Anything that helps my fur baby is a literal life saver.
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