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Whether you’re a clinic looking for after hours support, a shelter who wants to give new pet parents the best chance at success, a retailer in the pet space, or a company looking to add benefits, Fuzzy can find a way to add value. We offer 24/7 vet access via chat or video, a wide range of vet-approved pet products, continuing care plans, and prescription services—all of which can be integrated into your business plan.


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Access our trusted vet teams—available 24/7.


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Give pet parents personalized care plans and educational content.


Flexible partnerships

Zero start up costs with short lead times make Fuzzy an ideal partner.

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We’ve partnered with national chains, local shops, clinics, shelters, and just about everyone else. Join the ranks of the proud Fuzzy partners and add a boost to your business.

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Whether you have something new and bespoke in mind, or want to learn about what we’ve done in the past, our Partnerships Team is ready to work. It’s starts with an inquiry and grows into so much more. Talk to our team today.

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