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$79/year unlocks unlimited guidance

You get a complete diet plan, plus 24/7 vet access to answer any other questions you may have.

Talk with a vet via chat or video 24/7

Receive a detailed nutritional analysis

Get help counting your pet’s calories

Solve your pet’s picky eating habits

Save on all our food and supplements

Start with a diet plan then discover the rest


24/7 access to vets

No matter too urgent. No question too small. Talk to a licensed vet any time of day whenever you need one.


Free delivery on pet care

Get the right food, supplements, toys and more. Everything is hand-picked by our vets and delivered to your door.


Save on what you need

Shopping with Fuzzy just makes sense. Members get 10% off everything in our online store and 50% off their first recurring order.

PetWellness Nutrition DietPlan Mobile

Balance your pet’s nutrition like a pro

Longevity and quality of life start with the right diet. Rather than settling for a one-size-fits-all approach, talk to our vets and work out the best program for your pet.

CLP Nutrition Dog Desktop

Instant access to licensed vets

You’re less than a minute away from the care and attention of our licensed vet team 24/7. Develop a proactive care plan, get emergency advice, or just tell us what’s on your mind. We’re always here.

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