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Take our quiz and our vet team will assess what treatment is right for your pet. We can prescribe Trazodone, Fluoxetine, or over-the-counter medications online.

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Our vet’s top stress & anxiety treatment plans

After 1.5 million consults and counting, our vet team curated their most effective treatment plans to soothe anxiety and provide stress relief for your pet

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Answer a few questions so that our vet team can assess your pet and their current needs.

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Our licensed vet team will assess your pet and offer the right treatment for your pet–all from the comfort of your home.

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Get treatments quickly and affordably

We ship prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments straight to your door for a fraction of the cost of your regular vet.

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At Fuzzy, your pet's health is our priority. Our team of licensed vets go the extra mile to make sure every Fuzzy member, both two-legged and four, feels at ease while they get the care they deserve.

What pet parents are saying about Fuzzy

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Fern & Otis

Being able to get a vet to see my pets issue and prescribe meds for one monthly fee is amazing. The RX got here over night. The whole thing has been amazing and both vets I have talked to were kind and helpful

Leah M

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You guys gave us our dog back! The new meds the Dr prescribed has given our old girl her life back and we cannot express how grateful we are

Jessica J

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Stem to stern the experience was superior to the hassle and cost of putting our dog who really does not like going to the vet through the trauma

Steve L

Get prescriptions from the comfort of home

Whether your pet needs a new medication or a refill on an existing one, Fuzzy’s vets are here to help around-the-clock. From flea and tick to condition-specific medications, Fuzzy can prescribe, refill and deliver directly to your door.

Prescribing can be different in every state. While we can refill in all 50 states, new prescriptions are limited to our approved states. Take a look to see if we can prescribe where you live!

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Stress and Anxiety FAQs

How do I know if my pet needs anxiety medications?

Does my pet need daily anxiety medication?

Can anxiety medications hurt my pet?

What are the most common types of anxiety medications?

Are there over-the-counter (non-prescription) products I can give my pet to help with their anxiety?

What are common side effects I can expect if my pet is on anxiety medication?


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Instead of rushing to the emergency vet, check in with us first. Often the headache (and hefty bill) can be prevented with at-home care.


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We have over 200,000 pets under our care. We care about each and every pet because we’re pet parents, too.

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Our vet team has helped with over 1,500,000 consults. There is no question too big or too small for our vet team.


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Save money while getting unlimited access to vets. Give your pet expert healthcare at a price that makes most humans jealous.