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Quality pet care, without the hefty price tag

Annual savings of $1,000+

Annual savings of $1,000+

Stop waiting, traveling, and paying extra. Get the attention you deserve when you need it for a fraction of the yearly cost of traditional care.

Prescriptions & Treatments

Prescriptions & Treatments

Connect with a licensed Vet and we’ll recommend a customized treatment plan that's shipped right to your door. Whether your pet needs a new prescription or you have a question, we’re here for their every need

24/7 Veterinary Care

24/7 Veterinary Care

Dog eat some grapes? Cat peed in the house unexpectedly? Emergencies don’t come scheduled. Instantly chat with our on-call Vets or receive priority referrals to clinics when needed

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Exceptional vet care for your pets

Save avg 1000

Save over $1,000 annually

Save over $1,000 while getting unlimited access to vets. Give your pet expert healthcare at a price that makes most humans jealous

92 emergencyroom avoided

92% of ER trips avoided

Instead of rushing to the emergency vet, check in with us first. Often the headache (and hefty bill) can be prevented with at-home care

200k under care

200,000+ pets with Fuzzy

We have over 200,000+ pets under our care. We care about each and every pet because we’re pet parents, too

1 5 mil consults

More than 1.5 Mil consults

Our vet team has helped with over 1,500,000 consults. There is no question too big or too small for our vet team

Get prescriptions from the comfort of home

Whether your pet needs a new medication or a refill on an existing one, Fuzzy’s vets are here to help around-the-clock. From flea and tick to condition-specific medications, Fuzzy can prescribe, refill and deliver directly to your door.

Prescribing can be different in every state. While we can refill in all 50 states, new prescriptions are limited to our approved states. Take a look to see if we can prescribe where you live!

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A note from our Chief Veterinary Officer

Welcome to Fuzzy!  I’m Dr. Cherice Roth, Chief Veterinary Officer of Fuzzy Pet health. I'm excited you're here and taking the first to step to helping your pet live a longer and happier life with you! 

Fuzzy’s mission is to be certain that EVERY pet family has affordable access to Veterinary care as well as safe and effective products to treat a wide range of your pet’s needs.

We promise to proactively use all of our knowledge and resources to provide care to every pet, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There are no questions too great or too small.

We’re with you on your journey of being the superhero for your pet every day. 


Get more affordable care. Save $1,000+ a year.

Save on vet costs when you use Fuzzy. Get everything you need for a fraction of the price.

Stop waiting, traveling, and paying extra. Get the attention you deserve when you need it for a fraction of the yearly cost of traditional care.

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