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Fuzzy will provide the support you need to treat your pet’s allergies, plus give you round-the-clock access to vets and the products they love.

Talk with a vet via chat or video 24/7

Receive a personalized plan to soothe your pet’s allergies

Learn how to stop scratching, head shaking, paw gnawing, and more

Order vet-approved treatment right to your door

Save on all our food and supplements

Start with allergies then discover the rest

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24/7 access to vets

No matter too urgent. No question too small. Talk to a licensed vet any time of day whenever you need one.


Everyday guidance

The Fuzzy App, powered by Fuzzy Vets, gives you the support, knowledge, and habits to raise healthy and happy pets.


Free delivery on pet care

Get the right food, supplements, toys and more. Everything is hand-picked by our vets and delivered to your door.

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Trust our vets to stop the scratching

Your pet needs more than ointment and a follow up appointment. They need a team of vets ready to listen and adapt treatment 24/7. That’s exactly what we do at Fuzzy.

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Instant access to licensed vets

You’re less than a minute away from the care and attention of our licensed vet team 24/7. Develop a proactive care plan, get emergency advice, or just tell us what’s on your mind. We’re always here.

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