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Looking for skin medications? Need help with your pets allergy issues? Fuzzy is here for you at the press of a button, 24/7. When it comes to prescribing, every state is different.

Be sure to check if Fuzzy is allowed to prescribe in your state, and remember we are adding new states every day.

However, no matter where you live, Fuzzy vets will give you the best care allow by law, 24/7.

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Fuzzy helps relieve allergies in pets


Skip the in-person wait

A stress-free, online visit eliminates wait times and any unnecessary anxiety for your pet


Prevent pet anxiety

Avoid an anxious pet from the get-go: no stressful car ride or clinic visits


Vet reviewed & approved

Your pet's medical history and prescription plan are reviewed by licensed Vets in real-time

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"Amazing service, vet was very knowledgeable. Super fast shipping for her medicine and she is healing very well"

- Justin G

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"A perfect way to take care of your loved fur babies without being over charged or having to leave the house"

- Amanda L

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Daisy & Zola

"I’m so pleased with fuzzy and the doctor and nurse…everyone was awesome they walked me through app and it was very easy…I got the medicine the next day…"

- Kathy A

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"Easy to get service, very helpful staff and doctor, ease of getting rx drugs, and no waiting to see a vet….it was great"

- Lynn S

How it works

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01Tell us your pet's health history

Choose your prescription and answer a few questions about your pet

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02Reviewed by our online Vets in 24 hours

A Fuzzy veterinarian will review your pet's health history and approve the prescription they need

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03Delivered quickly to your door

Once approved, your prescription will be delivered directly to your doorstep

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Real vets delivering real care

We review your pet's medical history before prescribing any medication. No detail is too small for our veterinarians, and we go the extra mile to make sure your pet will be taken care of



How do I use Fuzzy to get my pet’s prescriptions?

Am I able to get new prescriptions through Fuzzy?

Is it legal to get a new prescription virtually for my pet?

What type of medications can Fuzzy prescribe and/or refill?

Do I need to have my pet’s prescriptions handy in order to be refilled?

How do I track my order?